5 delighted pairs quaffed champagne and canapes, served by their own personal  ‘cable butler’, as they lounged on decadent fur throws to celebrate International Cable Car Day in Europe’s newest and most luxurious cable car, with heated faux leather seats, WiFi and a glass bottomed view of Val d’Isere.

The private cable car ‘cruise’ was organised by Le Chardon Mountain Lodges, on the brand new 10 seated Solaise gondola in Val d’Isere, the result of a 19 million Euro investment.


The winners, who cruised in individual cable cars at twilight on January 17th, 2017, were treated like royalty with chalet hosts from Le Chardon serving a selection of gourmet amuse-bouches and chilled bubbly in each car, before enjoying a guided torchlit descent with the resort’s Ecole de Ski Francais team.


“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate International Cable Car Day!” said Jamie Rennie, general manager at Le Chardon Mountain Lodges. “Tip top personal service and gourmet delights at 2,550m under the stars and above the twinkly village vista. We take for granted the advances in cable car design – we’re delighted that Val d’Isere continues to invest in its infrastructure to cement its reputation as a world class resort and luxury destination.”

The winning pairs were selected at random from entries of ski enthusiasts staying throughout Espace Killy.


International Cable Car Day in 2017 marks 146 years since the first patent in relation to a cable car was received by British born, US resident Andrew Smith Hallidie in 1871. The design was originally conceived for San Francisco when Hallidie witnessed horses falling under the strain of trying to pull cars up San Francisco’s steep Jackson Street. The cable propelled transit has since evolved to gondolas serving most ski resorts around the globe.

“This caps it all for us – so much fun! We love coming to Val d’Isere and this has made our trip extra special,” commented winning pair Angela and Steven.

Lucinda Brook

An avid skier and snowboarding enthusiast, Lu is a PR and marketing consultant for Chardon, working closely with the Edinburgh office and in resort teams. For the last four years, Lu has been handling PR, social media, Chardon’s blog and various ad hoc marketing activities.