Booking Terms and Conditions 2019/20

Le Chardon Mountain Lodges are undoubtedly one of the most desirable and exclusive selection of chalets in Val d’Isère.

Booking Terms and Conditions 2019/20



This document has been designed to provide Le Chardon Mountain Lodges guests with all the relevant information required to facilitate the booking process.  We are always more than happy to go through any questions or enquiries that you may have on +44 (0) 131 209 7969.




  1. The Booking and Contract
  2. ABTA
  3. Quotation
  4. Confirmation and Payment
  5. Booking Form
  6. The Chalets
  7. Amendments by you to the booking
  8. Amendments by CML to the booking
  9. Cancellation of the booking
  10. CML responsibilities
  11. Your responsibilities
  12. Insurance
  13. Resolving problems
  14. Visas
  15. Passports
  16. Health and Vaccinations
  17. Travel
  18. Check-in
  19. General Information
  20. In Resort
  21. End of week payments
  22. Ski lessons and equipment
  23. Brochure descriptions
  24. Data protection
  25. Law


  1. The Booking and Contract


1.1 A holiday booking is made between C Mountain Lodges Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “CML” or “we”) and the signatory of the booking form who must be over 18 years of age (you) and does so with the authority to accept on behalf of every person named on the booking form. All correspondence to CML should be addressed to:  Le Chardon Mountain Lodges, 14 Riversdale Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 5QT.

1.2 The contract and booking made between CML and you, is at all times governed by these booking terms and conditions which are governed by Scottish Law.  We both agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.


1.3 No contract will exist with CML and you until a signed booking form has been received or a non-refundable deposit payment has been received and confirmed acceptance.  On receipt of a signed booking form or deposit payment a booking contract will commence between CML and you the client in adherence with the following terms and conditions.


  1. ABTA


2.1 We are a Member of ABTA; our membership number is Y1044.


2.2 As a member of ABTA this means you have the benefit of ABTA’s assistance and Code of Conduct. The travel arrangements you buy from us are not covered by ABTA’s scheme of financial protection.


2.3 We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct. We can also offer you an arbitration scheme for the resolution of disputes arising out of, or in connection with this contract. Further information on the Code and arbitration can be found on ABTA’s website www.abta.com. The arbitration scheme is arranged by ABTA and administered independently by IDRS, part of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. It provides for a simple and inexpensive method of arbitration on documents alone with restricted liability on you in respect of costs. Full details will be provided on request or can be obtained from the ABTA website. The scheme does not apply to claims for an amount greater than £5,000 per person. There is also a limit of £25,000 per booking form. Neither does it apply to claims which are solely in respect of physical injury or illness or their consequences. The scheme can however deal with compensation claims which include an element of minor injury or illness subject to a limit of £1,000 on the amount the arbitrator can award per person in respect of this element. The application for arbitration and Statement of Claim must be received by IDRS within nine months of the date of return from the holiday. Outside this time limit arbitration under the Scheme may still be available if the company agrees but the ABTA Code does not require such agreement. For injury and illness claims, you may like to use the ABTA/Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Mediation Procedure. This is a voluntary scheme and requires us to agree for mediation to go ahead. The aim is to help you resolve your dispute in a quick and cost-effective way. Details on request or from www.abta.com.


  1. Quotation


3.1 All prices published or quoted are in Euro.  Any quote given in Pound Sterling  will be based on the daily exchange rate and may be subject to change on confirmation of the booking by CML.  All written quotations are valid for a period of 7 days from the date of issue.  Errors in costing are very rare, but should there be an obviously incorrect price, we will issue a new quotation and we will not be bound by the incorrect amount quoted.


3.2 Although every effort is taken to ensure prices are accurate at the time of publication, price fluctuations due to circumstances out of our control can occur and due to the unique nature of our services, prices may change prior to contracting.


4 Confirmation and Payment


4.1 A confirmation invoice will not be issued unless the holiday deposit has been received.  The non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total holiday cost is required at the time of booking.  The receipt and acceptance by the company of the non-refundable deposit confirms the reservation and confirms acceptance of these terms and conditions by you the client. On receipt of your deposit payment CML will issue a confirmation invoice to confirm your booking.  If you do not receive a confirmation receipt within two weeks please contact us immediately. The balance along with any additional extras will be invoiced ten weeks prior to arrival.  If you are booking within ten weeks prior to arrival, payment in full will be required immediately, together with the signed booking form which should be returned to CML.  If the final balance has not been received ten weeks prior to your departure, CML reserve the right to cancel your holiday.  The person signing the booking form will be responsible for all payments due in respect to the booking.


4.2 All deposit payments must be made payable to C Mountain Lodges and can be made by bank transfer, cheque or credit/debit card.  Balance payments may only be made by bank transfer or cheque.  Dishonored cheques will be treated as a cancellation, with relevant charges payable.


4.3 Failure to pay any amount due to CML upon request will constitute a breach of contract, which will entitle CML to cancel your holiday.  In such circumstances, the relevant cancellation charges set out below will not apply.  The deposit and insurance premium are non-refundable.


5 Booking Form


5.1 It is a requirement of CML that you the client either a) returns a completed booking form at the time of booking.

  1. b) completes the guest information section of the Mybooking portal
  2. c) Reviews and approves the information we have inputted into the Mybooking portal on your behalf. It is of utmost importance that you pass to CML all the required guest information for your party.  Required details include first name and surname (as on passport), date of birth, address of all-party members, mobile telephone number (vital in case of emergencies) and email address.

5.2 Please note that your confirmation invoice and travel documentation will not be released until we receive a signed booking form, or have received sign off from you that the information in the Mybooking portal is correct



  1. The Chalets


6.1 On booking any property with CML the property cannot be shared, assigned or sublet and only the named persons shown on the booking form are permitted to stay in the property for the duration on the dates contracted too on the confirmation invoice and signed booking form.


6.2 Please note that the maximum adult capacity for all CML properties is as follows, any increase to the total occupancy per chalet must be agreed in advance with CML.


Le Chardon         20 adults

Mistral                 14 adults

Lafitenia              12 adults

La Bergerie         12 adults + 1 (single bedroom)

Le Kilimanjaro    10 adults


It is your responsibility to ensure that these capacities are adhered to in the interest of health and safety and most of all your comfort.


6.3 However, in the case of additional children of a young age, we are prepared to discuss possible arrangements at an additional cost.


6.4 Guests staying in Chalet Chardon use the swim spa at their own risk and CML accepts no responsibility for accidents/injuries that may occur whilst using any of the Jacuzzis, including accidents related to ice and snow formation around the facilities – we advise our guests to take as much care as necessary when exiting or entering the swim spa and Jacuzzis especially in sub-zero temperatures. We advise our guests that the swim spa is only open from 8am to 11pm.


6.5 Children must be supervised whilst using chalet facilities including, but not limited to, swim spas, Jacuzzis and steam rooms.  It is the sole responsibility of the guest to supervise children in and around the chalets, guests must organise supervision of children especially but not limited to playing in the snow around the chalets.


6.6 CML will not accept responsibility for any accidents occurring around the chalets due to snow conditions including but not limited to the area at the rear of chalets Le Chardon, Lafitenia and Mistral where guests must proceed with care at all times.


  1. Amendments by you to the booking


7.1 You may request alterations to your booking and proposed itinerary at any time prior to your arrival.  Please submit all requests to CML in writing and we will do our utmost to accommodate your requests.  However, such requests shall not be taken to form part of the contract between you and CML until it has been confirmed in writing by CML.


7.2 It should be noted that all requests are always subject to availability  and may also be subject to a fee, which, if applicable, will be confirmed by CML in writing. You agree to indemnify CML for any reasonable expenses incurred in making an alteration, whether CML succeeds in confirming your request.  Subject to availability, any changes of dates within the same winter season more than 70 days prior to departure will be accepted by CML without charge.  A change of dates to a future winter season or within 70 days of departure will be deemed a full cancellation.


  1. Amendments by CML to the booking


8.1 Alteration(s) may be made to your booking by CML. In such circumstances, CML will ensure that any alternative accommodation arranged by CML will be of an equally high standard and shall notify you of the alteration(s) in writing.


8.2 We plan our holiday arrangements many months in advance. Therefore, it is occasionally necessary to make changes to the holidays described in the brochure


8.3 Most of the changes we are obliged to make are minor changes to arrangements for which no compensation or refund is due. Many of these are defined below. If we are forced to make major changes (as or like those defined below) we will advise you as soon as we are in a position to do so and you have a number of options (subject only to 3. below)


8.4 Minor changes: change of accommodation to another of the same or higher standard and any other change not specified as a major change (below).


8.5 Major changes: change of accommodation to a lower standard rating of accommodation and cancellation of holiday. If we are obliged to make a major material change to your holiday as defined above, or if we cancel the holiday within 70 days of the original departure date you may choose to


  1. Accept the new holiday arrangement offered by us.
  2. Purchase a replacement holiday from us at the current selling price.
  3. cancel your holiday and receive a full refund.


8.6 You must notify us of your choice within 7 days of our offer of alternative holiday arrangements. If you do not, we will assume your acceptance of the new holiday arrangement.  Whichever option you chose you will be entitled to the following compensation: notification of material change.  We shall be under no further liability to you, nor shall we be liable for any costs or expenses outside the holiday cost.



Number of days


 EURO per person


70 – 45




45 – 30




29 – 0




If, due to circumstances outside our control in respect of which we were not able to notify you prior to departure, we are not able to provide you with the accommodation booked, we will, when you arrive in the resort, endeavor to provide accommodation of a similar standard in the same area.  If we are unable to do so and can only provide accommodation of a lower standard, we will refund the difference in price together with a compensation payment of £50 per person subject to 3.


  1. Cancellation of the booking


9.1 Client Cancellation.  The person who has signed the contract must confirm any cancellation by the client in writing. The date on which written notification is received by CML will determine the level of cancellation charges applicable. CML requires that a cancellation must be made in writing and sent by registered post to Sam Crabb, Director c/o CML at the head office address listed below. The cancellation refunds are expressed as a percentage of the total rental cost. Please note many travel insurance polices cover the eventuality of having to cancel a holiday in certain circumstances do please refer to your own insurance policy for details and check with your insurance provider that their terms are sufficient to cover your booking. Cancellation refunds are as follows:


Days Prior to ArrivalDeposit only paid to CMLFull balance paid to CML, Refund due

More than 70 days


0% due




70 – 45 days


25% due to CML




45 – 15 days


50% due to CML




15 – 0 days

Full balance due to CML 



Refunds only apply where the full balance has been paid otherwise CML is entitled to recover the outstanding balance less any refund due.


9.2 CML Cancellation.  In the unlikely event that CML is obliged to cancel your booking for any reason beyond CML’s control after the contract has been signed, CML will endeavour to make alternative arrangements or offer a full and prompt refund. For the avoidance of doubt, in the case of CML cancelling a booking CML will only be liable to refund monies already paid to CML by the Client.


9.3 Notwithstanding the foregoing, if you fail to pay the balance of the rental cost or any associated costs by the relevant due date(s), CML reserves the right to cancel your holiday without providing a refund and the relevant cancellation charges set out above will not apply.


  1. CML Responsibilities


10.1 CML only accepts responsibility for any negligent act or omission of our employees, agents, suppliers or subcontractors, whilst acting within the scope of their employment or authority, in the provision of your holiday except where death or personal injury results (see below). In such circumstances, the maximum liability of CML in relation to such acts and/or omissions shall be limited to the total cost of your holiday and in no circumstances shall CML be liable for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage.


10.2 CML only accepts responsibility should you suffer death or personal injury as a result of any negligent act or omission of our employees, agents, suppliers or subcontractors, whilst acting within the scope of their employment or authority, in the provision of your holiday, except where the cause of such death or personal injury is due to:


  • your acts or omissions or those of a third party not connected with the provision of your holiday;
  • an event which either CML or the supplier of the service in question could not have foreseen or forestalled even when exercising all due care.


Acceptance of this liability is however conditional upon you notifying us of any claim in writing within 28 days of your return from holiday.


10.3 CML would like to point out to guests that they must act with care at all times since the temperature and weather conditions do not always guarantee that ice and snow can instantly be removed from all areas around the chalets – CML accepts no Liability for accidents/injuries occurring under such circumstances.


10.4 The risk of skiing being adversely affected by weather conditions must be accepted by the client. Where transport is arranged to other resorts the costs will be paid locally by the client.  CML shall not be liable for any loss, delay or costs connected with, or arising out of, adverse weather conditions, including blocked roads and lengthy airline delays.  If, as a result of force majeure, you miss your return departure and extra accommodation is required, CML will not be responsible for this cost.


10.5 No refunds are given for unused portions of the holiday, e.g. journeys, transfers, car hire, empty accommodation, unused ski packs, uneaten meals.  No representative is authorised to make or promise refunds and no such promises will be accepted by CML.


10.6 Where excursions or services such as ski lessons are provided by a company other than CML, even where such excursions or services are sold through our representatives or a supplier of CML, we will have no liability for these.  We act as an agent for such services and would be happy to provide their conditions of booking on request.


10.7 Clients are responsible at all times for their own personal documents, for their baggage, belongings and ski equipment whether hired or not. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that their property is taken from the point of arrival to the transfer vehicle and from the transfer vehicle to the accommodation and vice versa on departure.


10.8 We will try to meet any special requests but cannot guarantee to do so.  Please note that special requests do not from part of our contractual agreement, and we will have no liability if they were not met.


  1. Your responsibilities


11.1 You agree to guarantee payment for any chargeable services requested by any member of the booking party both before and during the holiday.


11.2 CML shall be entitled to recover from you the cost of any damage caused by you or a member of the booking party. You undertake to treat all property provided by CML with due care and respect and undertake not to behave in a way that will prejudice CML’s reputation with its suppliers or other clients. All clients undertake to behave in such a manner and in no way cause damage, distress, danger or annoyance to other clients, property, employees and or any third parties. Behaviour deemed unacceptable by CML will result in the termination of your holiday and you shall have no right to a refund for your holiday or for any expenses incurred as a result of the termination. CML may also demand immediate vacating of the accommodation by you or any member of the booking party. All damages, breakages and any subsequent claims for compensation from those affected by such actions shall be passed onto the client in breach.


11.3 We would like to remind our guests that all of our chalets are exclusively Non-Smoking, both for guest comfort and in line with the current French law.


  1. Insurance


12.1 It is a condition of booking with CML that all clients have personal insurance as CML does not provide any winter sports travel insurance to its clients.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you and your entire party have relevant and adequate insurance covering: accident, illness or any other mishap, during the entire period of your holiday (including travel to and from resort).  We also recommend that you take out adequate insurance to cover your personal possessions.


12.2 So that we can assist you in the case of an emergency, it is useful for CML to have details of your travel insurance policy. When you complete the Booking Form we request that you provide these details to us.


  1. Resolving Problems


13.1 We want your holiday to be as enjoyable as possible, but occasionally even the best laid plans can go wrong. In the unlikely event of there being something not to your liking whilst on holiday, we aim to resolve it as quickly and amicable as possible.  You must report it immediately to the relevant supplier of the services in question and to our resort representative, thereby giving them the opportunity to remedy the problem. Part of the reporting procedure is that you complete a form in the resort, so all parties are clear on the precise nature of the issues involved. It is an express condition of your agreement that this simple procedure is followed.  If you fail to follow the procedure, we will have been deprived of the opportunity to investigate and rectify your complaint whilst you were in the resort and this may affect your rights under this contract. If you are still dissatisfied, we ask that you write to us giving details of your complaint. We do not automatically follow up a report made in the resort as in many cases they are resolved.


13.2 We do not issue refunds in resort as we feel it is important that all the relevant information is gathered in fairness to all involved.  Our representatives are not authorised to promise or make payments or to vary the terms, conditions or information in the Le Chardon Mountain Lodges brochure.


13.3 In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of your holiday, you must address your complaint immediately to both the Chalet Manager and the Head of Operations in resort. If for any reason the problem cannot be resolved locally you must inform CML in writing of your complaint within 14 days of return so that the complaint may be investigated fully. No action can be taken, or liability accepted for any complaints received after this period.


  1. Visas


14.1 Many countries require entry visas, which must be obtained before the date of departure. The visa requirements for each country depend on many factors, such as nationality, length of stay, purpose of stay and they can change at short notice. Therefore, although we can provide advice on the current requirements, it is essential that you contact the relevant embassy at least 30 days prior to departure. CML will not be held responsible if you fail to obtain or comply with the relevant visa requirements.


  1. Passports


15.1 It is an entry requirement of most countries that you and all members of the booking party, including children, are in possession of valid passports at the time of travel. Recent legislation requires that passports are valid for 6 months after your return date and the airlines /immigration officials may prohibit travel /access unless this rule is observed. Please also ensure that the name on the passport corresponds with your airline tickets and that your passport contains sufficient blank pages to allow for immigration stamps. CML will not be held responsible if you fail to comply with relevant passport requirements.


  1. Health & Vaccinations


16.1 Many countries require certificates for mandatory vaccinations depending upon origin of travel and current policy.  In addition, the World Health Organisation and UK authorities have their own recommendations that change from time to time. CML will not be held responsible if you fail to obtain or comply with relevant health requirements.


  1. Travel


17.1 You are responsible for checking all tickets and vouchers within your travel documents on receipt to ensure that the name and details correspond with your passport. Any errors or correction must be reported to CML as soon as is reasonably practicable. CML does not accept liability for incorrect details on your travel documents unless such incorrect details are caused by CML’s negligence. All baggage and personal effects are your responsibility at all times.


17.2 Please inform CML of your flight arrangements at least four weeks prior to departure, requesting any transfers you might need.


17.3 CML cannot accept responsibility for guests missing flights for any reason or mislaying or destroying travel documents, and no credit or refund will be given if you fail to take up a component of your holiday as a result.


17.4 CML is not responsible for any flight delays but wherever possible will endeavour to provide any previously booked resort transfers.


  1. Check-In


18.1 Rooms within the chalets will not normally be ready to be accessed prior to 16h00 on the day of arrival. However, if you are arriving prior to this, we will endeavour to get them ready for an earlier time – but this can not be guaranteed.


18.2 We do ask guests to be patient and are more than happy to house bags in the reception rooms, to allow you to leave the chalet at your wish. Check out is normally at 10h00 but again, we will try to accommodate late departures within reason.


  1. General Information


19.1 We are happy to cater for any special diets or vegetarian meals where possible, although the availability (or not) of specialist ingredients and foods locally may prevent us.  Please ensure any such requests are made at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to provide written details of any allergies suffered by any member of your group


19.2 We cannot guarantee continuous and uninterrupted internet and satellite TV connection in our lodges due to technical circumstances which may be beyond our control.


19.3 If a hot tub, Jacuzzi or swim spa breaks down we always try to have it repaired as quickly as possible.  However, as the repair is normally a specialist task, these people are often in high demand.  Delays may also occur if parts need to be ordered.  We always do our utmost to minimise such delays.


19.4 As in your own home, from time to time things may go wrong and we do ask that you be patient as it may not always be possible to repair or replace items immediately e.g. Plumbing, furniture especially over national holiday periods such as Christmas and New Year, although we will always do our best to do so.


19.5 We have a limited number of cots and highchairs and these must be booked in advance. Please check these requests have been recorded on your booking form.


19.6 In each 7-night period, you will receive 5 catered evenings. On these days, breakfasts, afternoon tea and canapés will be served.  In the evening you are free to try a local restaurant which your chalet manager will be happy to book on your behalf.


19.7 Snow conditions may make access to lodges more difficult at some particular times of the season. Ski in / out means within 50 – 70 metres of the chalet in normal snow conditions.


19.8 A Taxe de Sejour is levied by all French resorts and this is included in your holiday cost.


  1. In Resort


20.1 Early/late season. Facilities such as lifts, shuttle bus services, saunas, ice rinks and swimming pools may not be operational at the beginning or the end of the season.  This may be due to factors such as weather or the number of tourists in resort.  These decisions are often made on the spot by their operators and we are not always informed.  Where we do know we will do our utmost to let you know.


20.2 Please note that some people can feel adverse effects at high altitude.


20.3 The safety and well being of our guests is of paramount importance to us.  We continually strive to improve hygiene and safety standards in all our lodges.  All our properties are obliged to meet local regulations although it is important to remember that even in European countries these may not match those in the UK, which are some of the most stringent in the world.  In ski resorts particularly, many buildings are made of timber, often without separate fire escapes.  We strongly advise that you and your party familiarise yourselves with your accommodation, safety procedures and location of fire extinguishers.


20.4 Ski guiding and off-piste skiing should only be undertaken with a qualified mountain guide (the basic cost of which will be passed on to participating clients) and all the ski schools that we use can offer advice and will help you to choose your itinerary.  Please always observe local rules and regulations.  Mountain guides and transport to other resorts will carry a charge.


20.5 It is the responsibility of you and your group to judge the suitability of each area in which you ski. If you or any member of your group ski in a location on the recommendation of or are accompanied by any representative of CML, CML will not be liable for any injuries howsoever caused


  1. End of Week Payments


21.1 Upon request, CML will make purchases on your behalf both before and during your holiday. To enable CML to do so, a credit card shall be requested as a guarantee and any such purchases shall be paid in full prior to departure from your property.


21.2 Your end of week disbursements bill will be shown in both € Euros and £ Sterling (using the purchase exchange rate on the day).  Cash payment in the resort is accepted in the Euro only. Cheques will only be accepted in £ Sterling and payable to C Mountain Lodges Ltd.


21.3 Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro payments in resort will be processed in € Euros only. The vast majority of services we supply in-resort are passed on to you at cost, with no handling fee.


What is included and what is not included:

21.4 Included:

  • Luxurious accommodation in one of five of our Le Chardon Mountain Lodges Chalets hosted by our attentive, experienced and hand picked staff including a Chalet Manager, a Chef, chalet host(s) and chauffeur staff,
  • A full continental or English breakfast from 8am.
  • Afternoon tea including teas, coffee, cakes as well as any requests from 4pm.
  • Champagne and canapés reception at or around 19h00 (please specify this with your chalet manager).
  • A family gourmet five course meal on 5 evenings, including Amuse-bouche; Entrée; Main Course; Cheese and Dessert followed by a selection of liquors, teas or coffee. On the chef’s nights off you will be required to dine at a local restaurant, this will be at your expense.
  • Two Daily International Newspapers.
  • Bathrobes, Toiletries and Hairdryers.
  • Satellite TV and access to a film library
  • WiFi Internet Access.
  • Chauffeuring service from 8am to 2am
  • Fresh Flowers.
  • Private Hot Tub.
  • Ski Rooms and Boot Warmers.
  • Wide Selection of Fine Wines.
  • Complimentary Bar.
  • A dedicated Concierge Service to organise any extra activities if desired. (Please note that all extra activities are at your charge and must be settled prior to your departure form the chalets).


21.5 Not Included:

  • Travel or transfers to the resort unless specified.
  • Ski passes (unless specified).
  • Ski and snowboard equipment hire.
  • Ski school, guides or lessons.
  • Lunch in or out of the chalets on any day.
  • Dinner on the chalet manager’s day off, when it is suggested that you dine at a restaurant of your choice in town, please note that you will be directly charged by the restaurant.
  • Wine upgrades from our Fine Wine List.
  • Childcare (unless specified).
  • Massage service.
  • Beauty service.
  • On the Piste event organisation out with the Concierge Service.
  • Extra activities such as ski doing, snowshoes, husky rides, ULM, hang-gliding, helicopter experiences …
  • Staff Gratuities.
  • Phone calls from chalet phones – these will be added to your end of week payments.
  • Travel and medical Insurance.


These extras are organized on your behalf on an agency basis and as such the contract is directly between yourself and the supplier. While we make every effort to only recommend suppliers with a proven track record for service, we cannot be held responsible for the services provided. Payments for extras can either be paid directly to suppliers or we will pay on your behalf and recover in the disbursements billing at the end of your stay.


21.6 Although these items are not included, our dedicated Concierge Service is available in order to reply to any requests you have and will do everything to organise any of the above either before or during your stay.




  1. Ski Lessons & Equipment


22.1 Equipment, lessons and guiding are additional costs as set out in paragraph 21.5 and payable locally. We cannot refund any costs in the case of bad weather. Supplier’s conditions always apply. If equipment is lost or stolen and has been hired locally, it is your duty to report the loss to the local gendarmes and the supplier.


22.2 Ski school and peak dates. Please note that during peak dates such as Christmas, New Year, half-term and even Easter, ski schools become very busy. We therefore strongly advise that you book your lessons in advance on these dates. We will be happy to provide you with the necessary details.


  1. Brochure Descriptions


23.1 Opinions expressed in our brochure are personal to the writer.


23.2 Photographs of rooms represent the type of accommodation available but not all rooms will be the same shape, size or style.  All descriptions given in the brochure are made in good faith, but no liability can be accepted for errors or omissions. To the best of our knowledge, all CML information was accurate at the time of going to print.


We do not accept responsibility for any descriptions given in any of our suppliers’ brochures.


  1. Data Protection


24.1 We are committed to protecting your privacy. We may disclose your details such as name contact details, travel preferences and special needs/diets that you have supplied to us in relation to yourself and your traveling companions to our suppliers for the purposes will be supplied to them. We do not sell any information or our mailing list to any other company.  Please note that security regulations may require us to provide government agencies access to data you disclose to us.


  1. Law


25.1 These booking conditions and any matters arising from them are subject to and governed by Scottish Law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Scottish Court.


ALL correspondence must be sent to

Le Chardon Mountain Lodges,

14 Riversdale Crescent,

Edinburgh EH12 5QT,

Tel: +44 (0)131 209 7969.


C Mountain Lodges Ltd

Trading as “Le Chardon Mountain Lodges”

Registered in Scotland

Company No 273604

To discuss your requirements or check availability for the 2019/20 ski season please call us on +44 (0) 131 209 7969 or email info@lechardonvaldisere.com.

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