From trendy ski helmets to latest hi-tech ski goggles

Each year, new technological developments in ski and snowboarding gear and accessories offer skiers and snowboarders extra functionality and the potential to enhance performance. Take ski helmets, a vital and potentially life-saving piece of equipment is now obligatory to wear in some resorts. Many European resorts have made wearing helmets mandatory for children and there seems to be a growing trend in adults now wearing them too. Once perceived as not being 'cool', the ski helmet can make a great fashion statement particularly when personalised. Helmets have been spotted on the slopes covered in stickers, trendy helmet bands, faux fur, embellished with crystals or with a helmet video camera on top, ideal for capturing the views when speeding down the slopes. To make the experience all the more fun, some helmets come with additional features such as audio and temperature control too. Whilst it's important to look good on the slopes, safety is the main criteria so ski helmets should fit correctly and meet at least one of the recognised safety standards. Why not match your stylish ski helmet with a pair of the latest hi-tech ski goggles?

Experts recommend that you try your goggles on with your helmet to ensure the best fit. There are now so many quality brands selling well-designed and innovative goggles that aside from providing protection for the eyes, they look fabulous too. Oakley's latest revolutionary goggles provide snow enthusiasts with a whole new view of the world. Coming in a variety of designs, colours, technical specifications and interchangeable lenses, there is a goggle for everyone. Taking design and technology to the next level, the innovative Oakley Airwave goggles are so much more than just a pair of ski goggles. With duel vented anti-fog lenses, you'll never have to worry about these steaming up. Among the many features, skiers and boarders can monitor their performance and speed, pinpoint their location on a resort map as well as track distance, height and airtime of any jumps, have music control and smart phone connectivity.

If that's too much and all you want to do is capture the moment either in photos or video, how about the Zeal HD video and photo goggle, which shoots up to 8 megapixel photos or 1080p HD video. There are just so many different types of goggles and brands available, from the basic to those fitted with cutting-edge technology, so it really all depends on what you want and need from a pair of ski goggles. We have not even mentioned the latest types of skis and snowboard sizes available so look out for another blog on that coming soon. Let us know if there are any must-have hi-tech ski accessories you would recommend and we'll be sure to share any suggestions from our chalet guests. If it's gadgets and equipment that interests you, there's more information in recent blogs, one focused on great gadgets for any ski or snowboarding trip and the other on avalanche survival tips when in the Alps and essential avalanche survival equipment such as the avalanche transceiver or the ABS backpack.