Winter Walking Trails in Val d'Isere

There will always be skiing and snowboarding in Val d'Isere and this is what the majority of our guests come to the ski resort for.  However, there may be a few members of your party who have come on holiday but would prefer not to ski everyday.  A Winter Walking Trail may just meet their needs.

Winter Walking Trails

Even though they are below a lot of snow, it doesn't mean that the hiking trails in Val d'Isere are not accessible. There are 24km of marked and well-kept trails, which provide a relaxing way to soak up the beauty of the wintery mountains. You are able to obtain daily updates and trail maps from the Val d'Isere Tourist Office, or you can find several walking guide companies who provide half or full day trips.

Please remember to check the weather forecast before you go as conditions can alter quickly within the mountains.

You don't need any specific gear except a pair of good boots and several layers of snug clothing (which you can remove / put on as required) are recommended. In addition to this, a pair of poles for walking will be helpful in order to provide you with additional balance on patches of ice and also for checking out the depth of snow prior to you carrying on!

Top Tip: Purchase grippers to put on to your walking boots; these will stop you from slipping over and may be purchased from the majority of local sports shops in the UK and with the winters we have had these past 2 years mean you can carry on with this activity when back in the UK.