Trading in the skis for wheels - a review of Val's Ice Driving circuit

Amongst the midst of the valley surrounded by frosty rivers and fir trees, the newly restored BMW ice driving track is hidden in all its glory.

This year the brand new ice circuit in La Daille has been constructed from nothing and has been built up over a matter of weeks ready to host a variety of activities and sessions throughout the season. Arriving at the track, my nerves kicked in and I was suddenly made very aware of my lack of driving experience. After failing my driving test numerous times on tarmac roads, I was pretty sure bracing the ice on wheels was going to be a complete disaster.

Exploring the ice driving facilities

Fortunately for myself, the track accommodates a variety of unique ice experiences dependant on your group or, in my case - ability. BMW offer training on individual skills from learning how to drive a piste-basher to how to drive on the snow and ice in a controlled fashion. Friends and families can race one and other around the iced go karting track or corporate groups can experience a combination of all activities including trying out the new race driving simulator.

A circuit worthy of world champions!

The track hosts some of the world's most famous and experienced drivers and in addition, acts as a training ground complete with a recent appearance from world championship indoor motorbike racer, Vincent Philippe. We were lucky enough to get a cheeky snap too! The course showcases professionals practising their time, tracks and techniques providing excellent viewing amongst the most beautiful surroundings.

Life in the fast lane

We were soon taken over to the track, a brand new challenging circuit with sharp corners and cutting edges. I was introduced to my driver who would be putting me through the ultimate race ice driving experience. I jumped in the passenger seat and was suddenly hurled off around the course flying over bumps, skidding round turns and emergency stopping at any given opportunity.

Despite my complete lack of power, it was clear the experienced drivers knew exactly what they were doing. We raced round and round dodging poles, motorcycle racers and a flowing icy river. The extreme conditions, fast pace and total lack of control filled me with both terror but also absolute thrill.


The team can cater to any group providing fun filled experiences and adrenaline pumping thrills to create an all round great in resort activity. And if that isn't enough, once you have conquered the fear of driving on ice, it's a guarantee that you will soon be able to take on ‘La Face de Bellevarde' plummet with a whole new level of confidence.

Keen to experience new driving sensations?

Further information

Val d'Isère Ice Driving Avenue Olympique +33 6 23 04 46 58