What to Wear Skiing: Essentials for the Family

Skiing holidays can be enjoyed by every generation of the family, from children through to grandparents, and is a great way of getting those who would normally be reluctant involved in an active holiday.

If you're booking a trip to Val d'Isere for the whole family, make sure that everybody in your group is familiar with what to wear skiing, so that everybody is comfortable enough to join in.

Skiwear for the whole family

While each member of the family will have their own style, the basic items of clothing you will need to bring are the same for everyone.

The North Face Thermoball Ski Jacket

Jackets and trousers

When thinking about what to wear skiing, a jacket and trousers might be the first items that come to mind. Established brands, such as The North Face have well thought out designs for the whole family, such as trousers that are breathable while remaining both warm and waterproof, as well as features such as well-placed zip up pockets for your ski lift pass.

Ski gloves

Gloves are another essential item for your ski wardrobe.  If they aren't both warm and comfortable, you will have difficulty holding onto your ski poles.  Make sure you try on several pairs, and if you have the opportunity, have a go at holding a set of poles while wearing them to see how you get on.

Ski boots

Uncomfortable ski boots can ruin the whole holiday.  When staying at Le Chardon Mountain Lodges, your concierge will gladly arrange for an expert fitter to visit you in your chalet, allowing the whole family to get fitted in one sitting.

Neck warmers

A neck warmer is both a staple accessory for any skier.  Buff are one of the best known brands, and sell a variety of colours and patterns, so you'll be sure to find something for everyone in the family.  Their versatility mean they can be worn as both a scarf and a hat, and can keep you warm, while being thin enough to go under your helmet.  Be sure to bring a spare or two, as wearing something wet around your neck isn't going to help you keep warm.


Layers are the way to go if you want to stay warm.  This is especially important for the younger and older generations in your party, who are more susceptible to feeling the cold.  Fleeces are great at keeping you warm without adding too much bulk, and leggings under your ski suit will not only keep you warm, it will help keep you comfortable too.

POC Fornix Helmet


Helmets are an important piece of protective equipment for the whole family, not just children and beginners.  If you want to have an active holiday, and push yourself to the limit, it is important that you protect yourself from the possibility of a fall, however experienced you are.

Skiwear for kids

While an all in one ski suit may look adorable, it is not so practical when it comes to bathroom breaks. If you are arranging skiing lessons for your children while you go off and push yourself to the limit on the black runs, it is vital that your children can get their skiwear on and off by themselves.

Skiwear for adults

Pockets, pockets, and more pockets. Children tend to come with lots of baggage, and a skiing holiday is no exception. Whether it is multiple lift passes, or money to pop into a café for a hot drink and a bite to eat, you will undoubtedly find yourself with more and more to carry as the week goes on, so make sure you choose a jacket and trousers combination with plenty of space to stash things.

And of course, a night out is always in order.  Your Le Chardon resort chauffer will take you wherever you would like to go, however, it will still be cold and icy out, so make sure you bring a practical pair of non-slip shoes.  As coats are a bulky item to pack, choose your ski jacket carefully, so that it can double as a coat on a night out.

Skiwear for older generations

If your love for skiing was born from your own family holidays growing up, make sure you ask your own parents what they would advise you bring.  While the styles that were in fashion 30 years ago may no longer be in, they may have some top tips on what they found did and didn't work.

The older we get, the more we tend to feel the cold, so make sure any older members of your family pack plenty of layers to keep themselves warm.

Whoever you are shopping for, the number one tip is to try before you buy, so that you end up with skiwear that is as comfortable as it is stylish.