Ultimate Skiing Playlist: Ski Music for the Slopes & Après Ski

It's amazing how much of an influence music has on all our experiences – and skiing is no different. Whether you're out on the slopes or relaxing afterwards in the sunshine around Val d'Isere there's a perfect skiing playlist for every occasion.

 Playlist 1 – ski music for the slopes

  1. Wham: Last Christmas – the video for this classic track was filmed in Saas Fee, Switzerland and it's about as atmospheric as it gets so start your skiing playlist off right with this Wham classic.
  2. Coldplay: Shiver – a good one for the start of the day when you perhaps haven't warmed up yet.
  3. David Bowie: Let's Dance – particularly if you need a bit more energy in your technique, this is the perfect ski music track. Controlled but skillful, stick Let's Dance on and you'll instantly feel like a master of movement.
  4. Led Zeppelin: Over the Hills and Far Away - classic rock for those who love a bit of cross country skiing.
  5. Tribulations: LCD Soundsystem – ski music with a sick beat for digital enthusiasts on the slopes.
  6. Midnight City: M83 – it's the theme from Made in Chelsea, yes, but it's also a great track that will make you feel like you're in a filtered world where everything always ends with drinks in jam jars.
  7. Prince: Kiss – this has to be on your skiing playlist if your day contains a single opportunity to strut.
  8. Muse: Stockholm Syndrome – the powerful riff is perfect when you're faced with a big old empty piste you can roar down.
  9. Red Hot Chili Peppers: Snow (Hey Oh) – this really needs no explanation.
  10. David Gray: Falling Down the Mountainside with You – cap off your skiing playlist with something slow and a little more romantic to wind your day down.

 Playlist 2 – après ski music

  1. Ella Fitzgerald: Baby It's Cold Outside – particularly around Christmas time this track brings all the atmosphere to the après ski.
  2. Glee Soundtrack: Don't Stop Believing – if you've got a chalet full of teens or kids then this song gets everyone miming with a hairbrush.
  3. Lionel Richie: All Night Long – a gentle party track and the perfect après ski music to get everyone shaking off aches and after effects.
  4. Peter Sarstedt: Where do you go to my Lovely? – if your après ski preference is for something a little more sedate then this is the ideal track, particularly as the lyrics reference living it up in the Swiss resort St Moritz.
  5. Talking Heads: Once in a Lifetime – this is the track that everyone thinks they know the words to but no one actually does. However, the fun lies in hearing everyone trying to get it right.
  6. Taylor Swift: Shake it Off – even the cool kids can't resist a bit of a shimmy to this pop track after a couple of après ski beers.
  7. Beyonce: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) – it's officially an anthem whether the words apply to you or not. Anthems are what après ski music is made for.
  8. Ed Sheeran: Shape of You – it's catchy and cool and almost appropriate for all ages.
  9. Psy: Gangnam Style - officially one of the top 10 most watched YouTube videos of all time because everyone wants to learn the moves. Put this on your après ski playlist to see how many of your group has nailed them.
  10. Anything by Snow Patrol – the clue is in the name and the tracks seem tailor made for views of snowy pistes and memorable nights.