Shared chalets – the luxury of skiing entre amis, new and old

A ski holiday shared is a ski holiday enhanced! There are times when skiing as a couple isn't quite what it's cracked up to be. How better to address this than open the party to a wider, but still select group and enjoy the best of both worlds?

Most chalets that operate at the premium end of the ski chalet market are available on a sole occupancy basis only. However, as an independent, family owned and run operation, we have the luxury of mixing things up a little, which is why in certain weeks, we choose to offer our chalets on a room by room basis.

The shared chalet experience

The principle is that for a fixed per head cost, based on two sharing, you have your own luxuriously furnished, en suite room with all the usual trimmings; wake-up drinks, gourmet meals, open bar policy, chauffeur service and the same, highly attentive service that Le Chardon is famous for.

The rest of the chalet is shared with other couples and individuals. Our chalets have several generously proportioned lounge areas, some have a private cinema space and wellness centre while all have several hot tubs.

Sharing = affordable luxury and sociability

The beauty of sharing is not only the promise of more affordable luxury but the whole sociability of it. You could perhaps describe it as an intimate chalet hotel – your own personal space with the opportunity to make new friends without the awkward ‘is this seat taken?' routine.

By self selection, our guests tend to be likeminded by the very nature of being a skier or snowboarder enjoying the finer side of life! Pre-dinner drinks and canapés are a great way to break the ice, sharing stories of the day's ski camaraderie, before moving on to your exquisitely prepared supper, using the finest hand picked ingredients. Post dinner you can relax and get to know new found friends or enjoy some time alone, perhaps with a digestif in the village.

Groups within groups

A split chalet also offers you the flexibility of occupying a few rooms as a family or extended group, rather than the whole chalet. Do note: sometimes our split chalets are adult only and other times we're happy to accept children, but we will always check the suitability with other guests first to ensure everyone is completely at ease with the group dynamic. Somewhat surprisingly, experience tells us that many of our shared chalets even choose to dine together on our chef's night off!

All in all, there's something about the shared chalet experience that adds a whole new dimension to a ski holiday that is difficult to capture elsewhere.