Cross Country Skiing in Val d'Isere

The peace of cross-country (also called Nordic) skiing in Val D'Isere is ideal for anybody who loves tranquillity, or feels that the downhill pistes at the resort are too packed or too high. It is an excellent type of aerobic fitness exercise as you are able to be as energetic as you like, whilst the calm pace causes it to be a far more relaxing method to enjoy Val D'Isere's beautiful surroundings.

Return to nature and investigate by relaxing in the cross-country paths around Val D'Isere at your own speed. There are two diverse methods - traditional and skating. Traditional is the least difficult for novices; you just put your skis into two parallel groves, drive off and float round the paths. Skating tends to be much livelier and more difficult to understand requiring more ability; you drive both feet out to each side as if you are skating on ice and use your poles at the same time to achieve momentum.

You are able to hire the comfy footwear and light-weight skis and also poles relatively cheaply from the majority of sports stores in the area as well as arrange a group or personal lesson to understand the basic principles from the majority of Val D'Isere skiing schools or personal teachers. For all those accustomed to downhill skis, in the beginning you feel hazardously balanced and downhill parts are much more thrilling on slim skis without any sides! The skis tend to be lighter in weight and also thinner compared to skis used for downhill skiing, and the footwear tends to be softer and more comfy.

If you would like to try some cross country skiing whilst staying with Le Chardon Mountain Lodges this coming ski season, let us know in advance and we will organise the lessons, equipment and can even provide a gourmet picnic lunch, which you will need as this is an active if peaceful way to enjoy skiing in Val d'Isere.