5 awe inspiring videos to get you in the mood for skiing

With just two month's to go until the pistes of Val d'Isere open again for unadulterated skiing bliss, we think it's only fair to share the excitement which is bubbling away at Chardon HQ.

So good skiing folk, we've trawled the internet to bring you our shortlist of videos which can't fail to ignite your skiing flames of desire!
Enjoy and let us know what you think. Tweet us @lechardon with the hashtag #skivibe with your picks too.

1. This is skiing

An old favourite, but there's nothing like a little White Stripes and some crazy aerial ski tricks to get things started! Is that a 1080? Perhaps this is the year for truly mastering the snow park, X Games style. Don't miss the incredible back flip from the seated skier after 3 minutes.

2. Itinerary: Part 1 (official teaser) by Big Hip Snowboards and Hi Line Films

That feeling you get when you set off on your first ski trip of the season? The airport, transfer – as you get closer it gets snowier and snowier and you start shuffling in your seat? Got it? This one captures that anticipation with bells on. Add in the combined joy that makes a ski trip special: the social vibe, apres-ski and great food, although we all know that at Le Chardon, we can do a lot better than soup and bangers & mash! Cut to the lovely fluffy stuff on both skis and snowboards and it's a great combination. Filmed in Japan, Montana and Chile – it's all the same white stuff. Isn't it?


3. Opening Party at La Folie Douce 2014

This line up wouldn't be complete without the beat and ‘dancing on the tables' mayhem of the now legendary Folie Douce. Onesies, bananas, tigers and a few dubious dance moves make this certainly one to watch.

4. Atomic – We are ski-ing 2014

Now we're into the serious big budget videos with sweeping vistas shot from passing helicopters, high speed racing and of course some ridiculous air and carving. Mr Franz gets a nod as you might expect from an Austrian ski producer and we particularly enjoyed the impressive switch manoeuvre at 2:02!

5. Best of Sochi Olympics 2014

A lot has happened since the Winter Olympics a mere six months ago but nonetheless, there is nothing like the Olympics to fire up the spirit. And what's more it's a great reminder that there is so much more to skiing than we usually allow ourselves whether it's ice skating, cross country, biathlon, the snow park and even a little jumping if one puts one's mind to it.

Feeling suitably excited for the season ahead? In that case, here's a little montage of former Chardon guests – enjoying the finer side of skiing chalet style, partying hard and ripping the mountain up too!

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