How to Find Secluded and Rural Private Ski Resorts

Truly exclusive European ski breaks – whether with friends, family or colleagues – don't just provide excellent skiing and high-end facilities. Privacy, discretion and a genuinely attentive service also set the ski experience apart.

Of course, the combination of luxurious amenities and stunning, secluded locations, can be a difficult one to find. Particularly for those looking to escape the public eye, most mainstream ski resorts present a challenge. However, secluded and rural private ski resorts do exist for the luxury traveller – if you know how to find them.

Finding a secluded ski paradise

Ask friends and family

Those you know, who face similar issues and have the same high standards, are a good place to start looking for the best private ski resorts. Enquire which resorts they would recommend, and why. If your immediate circle yields nothing then see if friends of friends who ski each season have any suggestions.

Research the best places

Some private ski resorts are better thought of than others and it's those that often excel at providing discretion and seclusion – in addition to world class skiing.

Courchevel, Gstaad and of course, Val d'Isere, are some of the classic locations where you're likely to find other celebrities, royalty and those seeking respite from press attention. Remember that the best private locations are often a little off the beaten track rather than in the resorts themselves.

Avoid the busier resorts

Very popular ski locations attract a lot of people and that means lots of prying eyes and camera phones. The bigger, more popular resorts often draw the paparazzi in great numbers too, as they can simply blend in. Rural ski resorts are a better choice for those who don't want to stand out.

Opt for ski in/ski out rural ski resorts

These tend to be where you will find the most secluded properties that have stunning landscapes and exciting skiing literally on the doorstep. You won't find yourself trapped in transport to and from the slopes and you can explore the terrain around you without interruption.

Select a full service

A private chef and your own personal chauffer are essential for anyone looking for a discreet and exclusive experience at a private ski resort. The opportunity to enjoy a customisable menu that can be designed to match tastes and dietary requirements – alongside an exceptional list of fine wines – ensures that you don't need to leave the chalet for the full gourmet experience.

Unless of course you want to – in which case a chauffer can deliver you to your restaurant of choice. Pools, hot tubs, a sauna and a private masseuse also contribute to an exceptionally relaxing experience in the privacy of your own luxury space.

The best European private ski resorts

Nestled in the beautiful Manchet Valley, our exclusive collection of chalets in Val d'Isere provide an excellent example of how you can enjoy a private ski holiday with seclusion, discretion and exceptionally high standards.

From your own concierge, to a private chauffeur and bespoke dining, Le Chardon Mountain Lodges excel at providing a snowy, peaceful and luxurious haven for those who seek a secluded break.

Find out more about our luxury lodges in Val d'Isere and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about privacy and the facilities we offer.