La Folie Douce is one of Val d’Isere’s most renowned establishments and famous across the Alps.  Self-styled as the highest club in Europe.

Sitting at an altitude of 2,400 metres and located on piste OK en route to La Daille, La Folie is an open air day restaurant, bar and club which is alive and jumping from about 2pm.

There are two restaurants, La Fruitiere, one of the best in resort with a superb outdoor terrace to do some bronzing and Nuvoself, a trendy self-service cafe.

Open for late morning ski break hot chocolates and long lazy lunches, Folie attracts everyone in resort for the afternoon party where musicians, singers and djs have a huge crowd dancing on the terrace, bar top, tables and even roof to the happy alpine beats until 5pm…

Come and experience it! Le Chardon’s chauffeur can pick you up at the bottom of the piste afterwards and drive you home to your chalet.


Lewis McKay

Based in the Edinburgh head office, Lewis is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Le Chardon Mountain Lodges. Having spent time living and working in both Val d'Isere and Edinburgh this will be his 13th winter with Le Chardon.