Home Exercises Ski Routine

Our go to home exercise ski routine to get fit for the alps

  1. Squats

The squat is a full body exercise that targets the muscles in your quads, hamstrings, hips and buttocks primarily, while also working the core. A great work-out to help skiing as they help improve balance and coordination which is essential for good ski technique, plus it's an easy home exercise.

  1. Squat jumps

Like the normal squat but includes an explosive jump to engage the core as you rise. The key is to remain soft on your feet and make the movement slow and controlled through the rise and lower of the movement. The perfect home exercise to prepare for skiing.

  1. Plank

A favourite of everyone for the burn and extreme facial expressions we're certain. Holding a press up position or similar on forearms for as long as possible. Engaging the core and buttocks initially however working the whole body, a great ski-related exercise… and easy to do at home.

  1. Lunges

Simple exercise to work on the buttocks, quads and hamstrings. Starting from a tall standing position with legs hip width apart, stepping forward with one leg and lower until knee almost touches the ground. A classic exercise you will have endured and practiced at the gym. And the perfect exercise to build up the reps and strength in your legs from home.

  1. Calf raises

Performing the standing calf raise is a simple yet effective home exercise. Stand close to a wall or in front of a sturdy surface and raise yourself up until on your tiptoes. Hold for a few seconds and lower back down. Repeat in a slow and controlled manner to feel the burn.

  1. Skater hops

This two-in-one cardio and strengthening exercise are a go to for skiers. It improves balance and stability while also getting the heart rate up. Based on a lateral jump from one leg to the other, you must have enough space to start by balancing on one leg to lower yourself and then bound forward and sideways to the opposite outside leg. This home exercise really works when preparing for your next ski break.

  1. Russian twists

Now for some abs. Start on the floor, lying down, placing your feet hip-width apart with bent legs. Aa Russian twist is an extended version of the standard sit up but at the top you want to keep muscles tight and rotate your torso to each side until arms are parallel with the floor. If that's too easy you can add in a medicine ball or equally hold heels a few inches from the floor.

  1. Stretching

Often brushed over (or not included at all) during home workouts, stretching. Be sure to stretch from calf muscles all the way up your body to arm muscles. Hold stretches for 5-10 seconds moving slowly through them. A very important part when completing any home exercise, not to be forgotten when on your ski break.


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