Skiing with colleagues or clients provides plenty of out-of-office bonding time and the opportunity to talk shop (or not) without the usual pressures. Organising memorable corporate ski trips takes some insightful planning and preparation – these are our top tips:

Choosing a convenient location is key

Some might be willing to trek to hard to reach places but for most people on corporate ski trips convenience is going to be a deciding factor in whether or not to attend. Busy lives, family commitments and tight schedules mean that half the success of the trip will depend on whether you’ve picked somewhere that doesn’t demand too much time consuming travel.

The quality of the skiing will matter

Although corporate ski trips might be about much more than just what happens on the slopes, good quality skiing will be a deciding factor in overall success. Val d’Isere, for example, has hosted the Winter Olympics, World Championships and more top skiing competitions than any other European resort. The range of beginner options is complemented by some technically challenging pistes that provide for a thoroughly memorable skiing experience.

Pick the right date for the trip

If your ski trip participants are coming from all over the world then check holidays and half terms in different countries before picking dates. Some periods will be busier than others, depending on the location you choose – if you want a relatively quiet time, for example, it’s better to go earlier in the season. Bear in mind that there are significant cost savings to be made on transport by coordinating arrivals at the same time – even if those arrivals are from different international destinations. This will mean that all your guests can travel together from the airport, avoiding costly trips for one or two people at a time.

Don’t skimp on the accommodation

The right ski chalets provide a centre for all the action, as well as comfortable accommodation that will make a great impression. They can also be a much better cost option than a hotel as all the extras, from afternoon cakes, to an evening G&T, are included. In a hotel these may be additional costs that add up to a big bill on check out. Ski in/ski out is essential if you want to avoid lots of group transport. Remember that you’ll need to find accommodation that caters to all corporate ski trip tastes and needs. So, consider saunas and wellness spaces, amenities such as pools, as well as the kind of dining and wine choices that you want to be able to offer.

Corporate ski trip issues to be overcome

  1. Not everyone is an experienced skier. Make sure you can organise lessons, beginner experiences and an introduction to the slopes if you have new skiers in the group.
  2. Not everyone wants to ski. The last thing you want is for your ski trip to exclude anyone so make sure there are plenty of alternative activities for those who get bored of skiing or who didn’t want to do it in the first place. Snowshoeing, ice climbing, sleigh rides, ice-skating and ice driving are all great alternative activities. Off the slopes, look into spa experiences, cooking classes and local events.
  3. Injuries may happen. Make sure you have a plan in place to arrange treatment for any injuries and potentially transport home.
  4. Everyone has different tastes. Opt for flexible accommodation for your corporate ski trip where menus can be discussed with a chef to suit the tastes of the group.
  5. Skiers without equipment. Avoid delays once the corporate ski trip is under way and investigate and arrange options for hire etc beforehand.

Claire Richards

Claire is our Sales and Guest Liaison Manager and heads up the concierge team based in Edinburgh. Claire has been part of the team for 6 years and is the vital link between guests and the team in Val d'Isere.