7 sure fire signs that a skier is a ski instructor

It is fair to say that the joy of sitting on a chairlift is not just the camaraderie and a rest for the legs but voyeuristically perusing the calibre of skiers below you. Isn't it? And the awful truth is we all secretly enjoy a good wipe-out, while wincing a little at the consequences. Serious accidents aside of course.

Naturally, ski instructor bingo is a firm favourite too that can be carried forward to the café pit stop. “He's good. Must be a ski instructor…” But how do you know for sure? We've rustled up a few of our insider tips to spot a ski instructor on his/her day off. (Because it's far too easy to spot them working. Where's the fun in that?!)


Now we're not suggesting our good ski instructor friends go about shouting ‘bend ze knees' outside of work but their despairing cries must have rubbed off because they always have legs like rubber, making mincemeat of any moguls with knees up to the chin.

  1. Tell-tale sunglass marks

The ski instructors' farmers tan - you can't spend all day on the slopes without getting lines. Usually complemented with a mahogany skin colour. Bingo!

  1. Ski backwards while chatting

I'm yet to meet one who CAN'T ski backwards. How do they do that? AND look so entirely at home doing so?

  1. They know everyone and his wife

A nod here, a wink there, hand signal to the lifty, espresso on the bar before they even open their mouths. You know the ones.

  1. Bling equipment

The “Oo – not seen that kind of binding before...” and boots with more buckles you can shake a stick at. The seasoned ski instructor always has the latest gear. If they're top of the rung, expect to see the new kit being road tested – a sneak preview on the latest developments.

  1. Ever so slightly smug?

Well you would be wouldn't you. Surely the best job in the world. Who wouldn't want to spend every day out in the fresh mountain air, scoring fresh tracks when they come, sharing your passion for the world of winter sports.

  1. Effortlessly cool

If they are a soupçon smug, they're still cool. It just goes with the territory.  Obviously if we have to explain how we know they're cool…..

Anyone signing up for a BASI instructor course? Oh well, you can always collect your bingo sheet from our Chardon team in Val d'Isere when you're ready.